Sunday, January 11, 2009

So Thankful!

Yesterday was such an eye opening day. My family was in a wreck and it's just made me so thankful that I have God in my life, his protection over my family,and his peace in my mind & heart.

The details, my in laws Margaret & Charles (who are another set of parents to me) were driving through Lawton (heading here from Altus) with my daughter when another driver had a seizure, ran over the median, and hit them head on. Abi was asleep, thank goodness, so she really didn't know the extent of what had happened or what she had gone through. She came out of it with just a bruise on her shoulder from the car seat & she says her chest is a little sore, but she has really been so good! The only thing that's affected her is how she saw her Papa with all the blood & what not,
but I think she has really handled the whole situation very well.
Family (after seeing the truck) has said that there had to have been a protective bubble around my daughter. It's amazing that the seats didn't hit her or glass didn't fly her way. The back seat looked untouched while the front was extremely terrible. She is a little miracle - they all are really.
Margaret thought she was fine at the time, but it ends up she broke her arm (a clean break which is good) from bracing herself when the wreck happened and her knee isn't too great, which was a problem for her already so that doesn't help. She is really suffering with quite some pain. Her arm couldn't be put in a cast at the ER so hopefully that will be taken care of & go well tomorrow at the doctor.
Charles on the other hand got it the worst. He is pretty banged up with bruises & cuts everywhere and has a bad gash on his head. He does has a sub dermal hematoma (a collection of blood - a bruise basically) on his head so they have him in ICU to monitor him to make sure nothing progresses with that. We're hoping that everything continues to check out okay and he is released tomorrow. I'm sure they will both continue to suffer with aches & pains for a while considering what their body has gone through. I believe the other couple ended up fine with some aches, pains & bruises as well, but nothing too serious.

I don't even know what to do but thank God everyone is alive.
From what I hear (since I didn't see) the vehicles looked pretty bad (definitely totaled) and the onlookers didn't expect anyone to come out nearly as good as they have. It's just so scary when you get that call. That feeling that overtakes your body knowing that something has happened to your family (especially your own child) - it's earth shaking. So, please be in prayer for my in laws that God will continue to heal & protect them. And please pray for Abi as well,
mainly that this is not a traumatic memory for her.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and hold your family a little bit tighter
reminding yourself of what really matters in life.

♥ Kelly


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