Friday, August 29, 2008


  • I AM … so blessed
  • I WANT… to understand.
  • I HAVE … a bun in the oven
  • I KEEP … secrets & sunflower seeds on hand at all times
  • I WISH I COULD … afford to just get away & take a family vacation
  • I HATE … lies & laundry
  • I FEAR … my brothers being in iraq period, but especially them being there at the same time.
  • I HEAR … hannah montana all the time
  • I DON’T THINK … i could live without my hubby's kisses or my daugher's giggles
  • I REGRET … nothing ever. i truly believe in everything happens for a reason.
  • I LOVE … my beautiful family, pedicures, & chicken quesadillas!!!
  • I AM NOT … fake
  • I DANCE … when i'm with my girls
  • I SING … any song i know or even partly know... i love to sing!
  • I NEVER … procrastinate.... LOL!! that's a joke!!
  • I RARELY … get my hair cut, definitely not like i should
  • I CRY WHEN I WATCH … anything sentimental or a tiny bit emotional... i'm pregnant, i cry a lot right now ;)
  • I AM NOT ALWAYS … the best at making phone calls
  • I HATE THAT … racism still exists
  • I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … psychology
  • I NEED … a massage & sleep
  • I SHOULD … get off this dang computer right now
Thanks to J* for this cool little survey/blog idea.


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