Thursday, April 17, 2008

Abbi Update

So, I haven't posted any pics of Abbi lately. :) And I know you all are dying for one, right!?

A few weeks ago I headed downtown Norman to shoot some textures, and the good 'ol Abbers came along. We, of course, had to get in a mini shoot while we were at it, and may I say I am quite impressed with my daughter's modeling skills. You know, she it from her momma tho. ;)

...Really, I am so impressed because at 3 years she is already tired of my camera.
Boy do we have a long way to go...
Here is my spunky little girl, Enjoy!

This laugh is what inspires me each day. I cannot get enough of it!

She is so expressive...

And these next two are my absolute favorites! I am in such awe!
How did we produce this amazing child?

Let me know which one you think should be HUGE on my wall!

AND, stay tuned. Tomorrow I'll be posting the sweetest little family/newborn session.

Blessings, Kelly


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