Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lindsey & Clint: Engagement

Hello my dear blog. Oh, how I've missed you....

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in so long... it feels a bit foreign to be typing into this
little blogger box, but I've got an awesome post for you guys!

Clint is Brandi's brother. So I will be shooting two weddings from this family this year,
and I am so excited to be a part of both!
I met with Clint & Lindsey on a perfect (yes, I mean perfect) day to shoot. No Oklahoma wind, the weather was warm, but very nice & comfortable, the lighting was really heavenly,
I have to mention this, because really this doesn't happen too often here, considering that the wind today is 25-35 mph, but could gust over 50 mph.
FIFTY miles per hour.
And it's not even storming, Ca-razy!
Okay, on to the images....

Yummy, delicious light!

Sweet moments on the train tracks :)

Definitely a favorite

A little dangerous, but oh so cool :)

Clint owns this BIG truck & they knew they wanted to incorporate it in the shoot, and I'm so glad we did because I think these images are pretty cool!

And another favorite moment!!

Lindsey & Clint, thank you for a great time! I had so much fun on this session, and cannot wait to make a guest book out of these images! It's going to be off the hook!
I will see you soon guys & enjoy your preview!!!

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