Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Laura & Brandon: Part Dos

They just cannot get enough of me, I guess!! :)

Laura had an idea... something that she wanted.
And when Laura wants something, well, she gets it. ;) (I love you girl!!!)
Really what she craved was sunlight!! And this time she wore the color yellow, and they walked through the lake water, dug their toes in the sand as they kissed....
and well, nothing could have been more perfect!! Nothing more Brandon & Laura -ish!
So here are some of my favorite engagement images ever....

(I have to take something back... it wasn't totally 100% perfect. I did get a tick, but I have to say it was well worth it the for the images I captured! What do you think??)

Pretty light...

And the perfect field of yellow flowers, accentuating Laura's dress even more so!!

MMMM.... beautiful!

And oh so sweet!

A nice, simple portrait...

My absolute fav!!!
Laura & Brandon, I know you've heard it enough now, but you two are awesome!
Thanks for all you do!! Love you guys!!


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