Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My brain is....

A mixture of sugar, corn syrup, and red dye #40

Because I'm a dum dum.

I lost my phone. My lifeline.
That may sound dramatic to you, but seriously... I am a woman!

No worries though, it's already found... in my in-laws vehicle,
once they returned home... only two hours away.
And we're leaving on a 10 hour trip to
Port Aransas, TX tomorrow.
They are fed-exing it to me, but until then
if you need to reach me asap, you can call me on my hubby's phone at 405.426.2816,
or just leave a message at my number & I'll get back to you in the next few days.
Or you can always email me. I will have access to that again Friday.

Also, thank you (fellow photographers, friends, clients, & family) for all of the awesome comments on my last few blog posts! You guys keep me going when things are tough, and of course your sweet words continually put a smile on my face.

Visit again soon because I'll be (trying) to post two more jobs before we head out.
And I might even share a few pics of our adventures while we're gone.

Hope you all have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.
Be safe & enjoy your time with your families!

Love & Many Thanks,


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