Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Scott Siblings

My SIL asked me to do some portraits of her & her siblings together.
They all have such fun, unique personalities, so I was so excited to capture
these three together. We went down town & fought the
wind to get some great pictures that I think their Mom will love!
Tiffany, Holly, and Bo - Thanks so much for letting me be the first
photographer to capture you three together in (what is it 10?) years!
I had a blast and I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

(Click on an image to see it larger:)

A portrait of each by themselves...

I loved that Holly's hair matched Tiffany's shirt

And while we're taking sister shots, this is where Bo is heading, which I LOVED!!

These two might just be my favorites!
Some sibling love :)

Definitely a favorite as well

You can tell Bo is like, "When will this be over?" Just like a man, huh!?

And a good, simple black & white!


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