Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In Case You'd Like To Know...

I share too many photos of my daughter.
She's our world, so that's the way it will be :)
Also, I have been a terrible blogger, I know this. I WILL get better.
It's a goal of mine for this year. Work is starting to pick up, so you will be seeing more sharing of shoots. I'm getting closer to my goal of how many weddings I want to shoot. :) YAY!
And in the meantime, you will be seeing my family....
Here are some photos of Abbi from last weekend. We had her 3rd birthday party, but I was too busy running around like a chicken with my head cut off to get pictures, so any of my friends & family that want to share, I would be so grateful! So, for now, here are some of her trying to ride her new bike. Thanks Uncle John! And a few of her getting her hair cut by MeMe! Thanks for coming guys! And a cute one of her munching on some grapes. :) Enjoy!

Thank to all of our friends & family that showed up to the birthday party! Sorry, it was crazy, and I hate that I didn't really get to visit like I would've preferred. But thank you for being there and sharing in a special day. We truly appreciate all of your love for Abbi & our family! And all the gifts were awesome! She has loved everything! We love you all!!!


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